Commercial Seat Covers

Vehicle suppliers rely on SupaFit Seat Covers to keep their fleets protected.

What makes SupaFit the toughest and safest?

SupaFit Seat Covers is focused entirely on hand-crafting protective seat covers for Australian conditions and Australian industries – which means we’re the go-to for mining and military needs. SupaFit’s 100% Aussie cotton canvas seat covers are:

  • Airbag-friendly – unlike many, many other commercial seat cover brands!
  • Antibacterial – so they’re top-notch for mine sites looking to minimise any spread of illness and bacteria.
  • Tough – they withstand a beating well above OEM standards.

How is a commercial SupaFit Seat Cover made?

First, Aussie farm-grown cotton is brought in from a steam mill. We convert it into yarn, which is then weaved, scoured, rotated, washed, dried and dyed – all on-site – until it becomes a thick canvas or denim.
It’s then finished with:

  • UV stabilisers
  • Anti-mould inhibitors
  • Antibacterial inhibitors
  • Stain-resistant treatment
  • Water-resistant treatment

Finally, the textile is coloured, trimmed, straightened, rolled and shipped to WA to become a SupaFit Seat Cover.

Our canvas seat covers

Our range of heavy duty canvas seat covers are designed to protect the original upholstery of your seat from the daily occupational rigors of your fleet vehicle’s service life.

  • 14.9oz of canvas military grade toughness and durability
  • Waterproof
  • Mould resistance
  • Bacteria resistance
  • UV stabilisation
  • Airbag compatibility
  • Optional embroidery service for company branding

Our standard range is available in grey, black and brown colours. We also offer a range of other canvas seat cover options, including:

  • Fire retardant canvas seat covers
  • Ripstop canvas seat covers
  • Auscam and Navy cammo canvas seat covers
  • Foam backed canvas seat covers

Our denim seat covers

SupaFit Seat Covers have pioneered an alternative to canvas seat covers that offers an advanced degree of comfort. Our denim seat covers are made from 100% cotton twill fabric and laminated with a high-density Australian made 6mm foam backing offering:

  • A superior combination of comfort and durability
  • Cotton cool & breathability
  • Improved comfort and fatigue reducing
  • Fine weave for minimal dirt penetration
  • 100% protection from dust and dirt
  • UV protection and resistance
  • UV stabilised for superior colourfast
  • Airbag compatibility to meet OH&S outcomes
  • Optional embroidery service for company branding

Available in black or grey across our full range of seat covers, denim is a great option for all commercial vehicles and heavy-duty needs.

What vehicles can SupaFit Seat Covers supply for?

SupaFit Seat Covers can supply for every make and model of commercial fleet vehicle on the market.
Although some models are more widely utilised (for example, the Landcruiser and the HiLux), we can custom-build seat covers for any fleet.
From our standard range of canvas seat covers to our popular premium denim, SupaFit Seat Covers are the ideal product for any trades-related or heavy work environment vehicle.

Some of the most common fleets we supply seat cover for include:

  • Commercial Vehicles
  • 4WD’s
  • Light Trucks
  • Road Trucks/Prime Movers
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Earthmoving Equipment

How can SupaFit Seat Covers save you money?

From light delivery vans and utes through to large-model 4WD’s and service vehicles, SupaFit Seat Covers has you covered – both physically and financially.
It’s pretty difficult to resell a fleet of mining vehicles at top-tier prices when they’ve sustained interior cosmetic damage from UV exposure, red dust, dirt and grime over their service lifetimes. A super-tough canvas seat cover shields your vehicle from that build-up.
Commercial vehicle managers across Australia keep their fleets resaleable with SupaFit Seat Covers.

How can I fit my fleet with SupaFit Seat Covers?

Reach out for a chat with our friendly service team today to find out if there is a SupaFit Seat Cover for your fleet. But don’t sweat it – if we don’t carry a cover for your vehicles, we’ll make one!
Phone 1800 SupaFit (1800 787 234) or email: today.