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    For car enthusiasts, equipment operators or long haul drivers who are serious about the comfort of their seats, and may have changed their standard vehicle seats for more specialised aftermarket seating, SupaFit Seat Covers are here to help.

    At SupaFit Seat Covers, we stock a wide range of aftermarket seat covers to suit everything for the 4x4 vehicle aftermarket seats, including Stratos, Recaro and other 4x4 aftermarket seat brands.

    We likewise have a diverse range of aftermarket seat covers to protect seat replacements of commercial vehicles, equipment and machines, including

    • - Trucks
    • - Earthmoving equipment
    • - Agricultural equipment
    • - Construction equipment
    • - Materials handing equipment

    such as ISRI seat covers, KAB seat covers and Grammer seat covers.

    Of course, we also have seat covers for your custom agricultural, commercial, materials handing and earthmoving vehicles at SupaFit Seat Covers.

    Can’t Find the Right Aftermarket Seat Cover?

    All Supafit Seat Covers are a custom made seat cover providing optimum fit, comfort and durability, designed to protect your vehicles original upholstery.

    We can also create personalised touches to your seat covers, like initials or company logos. Please see our Other Services page for more information on creating personalised touches to your SupaFit seat covers.

    To find out if there is a SupaFit seats cover for your vehicle, please phone us on 1800 SUPAFIT, or fill out an enquiry form online, as we are more than able and willing to help!

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