All driver and passenger front seats have accessory pockets on the back of your SupaFit Seat Covers as standard, providing similar storage.

All SupaFit Seat Covers come with head rest covers as standard (where possible depending on original seat design)

SupaFit Seat Covers are designed to be as easy to fit as possible. Generally it is as easy as removing head rests, slip covers over the seat, and securing in place using the velcro straps.

Please see our How to Fit demonstration videos .

Please see our How to Clean guide

Our denim seat covers are our recommendation for leather seats.

If you need canvas, we only recommend our foam backed canvas. Canvas on its own is abrasive by nature. The foam backing and the custom fit reduces any movement between the seat cover and the leather seat.

Please contact our Sales Team to enquiry about or order foam backed canvas seat covers on 1800 SUPAFIT or sales@supafitseatcovers.com.au

Yes they can get a little hot to touch -similar to your car seat and dash when in direct sunlight, however its durability and 100% waterproof benefits are unbeatable.

Yes, you can. Our covers will not affect your seat heating.

Initially they can be little uncomfortable, but with some use they soften well.

No. SupaFit Seat Covers are not a universal fit. They are custom fit to a vehicle specification.

Feel free to contact our sales team to confirm if you believe the seat may be the same in your new vehicle.

Yes, SupaFit Seat Covers have a range of Airbag Compatible seat covers.
For more information: Airbag Compatible Seat Covers

SupaFit Seat Covers offer a 100% guarantee on all our seat covers. See here