Airbag Compatible Seat Covers

More important than protecting your investment is protecting you and your family.

Using the latest in airbag technology, similar to that used by vehicle manufacturers, SupaFit Seat Covers airbag compatible seat covers have been independently tested and certified against ADR72/00.

The SupaFit Seat Covers airbag seam is manufactured using specialised threads and computer controlled sewing processes, ensuring in the event a seat airbag is activated, the seat cover airbag seam will split open allowing the seat airbag to deploy correctly and safely.

Every SupaFit Seat Cover is designed by qualified and experienced Motor Trimming/Vehicle Upholstery tradespeople.

All of which provides total confidence and peace of mind that SupaFit Seat Covers airbag certified seat covers are 100% safe.

WarningOnly Supafit Seat Covers labelled as being Air Bag Compatible are to be fitted to vehicles with seat mounted air bags. Supafit Seat Covers accepts no responsibility or liability in the event this warning is not adhered to.


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